FISBA’s quality policy - Leitbild / Qualitätspolitik - Company - FISBA - St.Gallen - Switzerland
We have made it our goal to offer products with a consistently high quality. Extremely strict quality checks throughout the entire production process are just as much a part of this as continuous training for our staff.

We are driven by you - our customer
  • Your satisfaction is what every one of our employees works towards
  • As a service provider, we offer a comprehensive and competent solution to every challenge, working together with you in a fair partnership

We are also driven by our employees
  • Our employees are the driving force behind our achievements, so employee selection and training are two vital keys to your success
  • Senior management offers leadership by offering information, formulating goals and acting as role models
  • Every member of staff shares the responsibility for the quality of your products

We align ourselves to the process
  • Our business and working processes are continuously assessed and improved
  • We see mistakes as an opportunity to improve our processes
  • Thanks to the high quality of the performance we deliver, you can be assured that we will provide you with cost-optimized optical solutions based on highly advanced technology

We look after our natural and business environment
  • Every employee assumes personal responsibility to use resources sparingly and avoid harming either human beings or the environment.
  • Products manufactured by us and the processes applied must be as ecofriendly as possible throughout their entire service life, while preserving resources as far as possible.
  • We are prepared for incidents and emergencies and are capable of rapid response in these cases

FISBA has been certified in conformity with ISO-9001 since 1993. Our management manual is structured according to our business processes and is constantly updated.
Probelinse - FISBA - St.Gallen - Schweiz
Probelinse - FISBA - St.Gallen - Schweiz Probelinse - FISBA - St.Gallen - Schweiz