Our Principle

A company and its success are made up of individuals.


Our Company

FISBA desires to be an attractive employer. Our success is based on the diversity of individual successes contributed by all of our employees. This requires flexibility, the desire for openness, an atmosphere of trust and fun at work as well as clear-cut structures.

We aspire to recognize and fulfil the needs of our external and internal customers.


Our Employees

Our employees are given the freedom to be independent thinkers while striving for common goals and high performance. They are open to discussions and are able to manage differing opinions in a constructive way.


Our Attitude

We treat each other with honesty, openness and respect. Our relationship with our employees is based on mutual appreciation.


Human Resources Development

Personal development requires the willingness of the individual. Employees are responsible for their own development while being supported by their superiors.

Human resources development is a primary management task which supplies the necessary education and on-going training.

We promote teams and young talent. Professional careers and management careers are of equal value.

All employees are acquainted with their individual goals and know how they are evaluated by their superiors. Objective setting reviews and performance assessments take place at least once per year.


Equal Treatment

We do not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, religion, nationality, gender, age, ancestry, or disability.


Work Environment

We promote an enjoyable work culture through various company events. This encourages understanding between the diverse cultures and backgrounds of our employees.



We compensate employees based on their success and performance.



We take advantage of any opportunities to hire or promote from within the company. New employees must be qualified and ready to meet our high standards.



Change is the precondition for every development. Therefore, we desire to increase the ability and openness to change as far as our entire company and all employees are concerned. We consider mistakes as opportunities for learning and improvement.