FISBA employees are problem solvers. We view and process our tasks in a comprehensive way, for only then can we contribute to the success of our customers. That is why our company culture is founded on experience, knowledge sharing, and a ceaseless spirit of innovation. Such an environment thrives on meticulous training and promotion of its employees. This approach enables us to shape a successful future together with our customers.

We believe that our customers’ success is derived from all the individual accomplishments of our employees. We do our best to create an atmosphere of trust and respect among our employees, so that high performance and joint success are achievable.

Being a FISBA employee means thinking as a team without losing one's independence, and acting with individual responsibility without questioning the competencies of others. FISBA employees are open to discussions, able to work through conflicts and are always ready to learn – the basic ingredients for how we create innovative solutions for our customers.

At FISBA, we strongly encourage continuous self-improvement and personal growth. It contributes to the development of our team and to the company as a whole.

FISBA offers employees compensation based on individual and company-wide success and performance. Our employees enjoy a modern work environment with easy access by car or public transportation.