In 2015, FISBA received the Excellence in Value Innovation award at the headquarters of JDSU in Milpitas, California from Mr Alan Lowe, Vice President of the business unit CCOP. 


FISBA won the award for an FAC lense we were able to supply to JDSU in large quantities at short notice and with fast turnaround. As a result, JDSU successfully launched its new product in the highly competitive telecommunications market in quick succession and once more demonstrated strength in the face of strong competition. 

Our FAC lenses are very much in demand by leading manufacturers of laser diodes. In addition to maintaining long-standing customer relations on the European market, our sales activities are focused on the Asian and US markets.

JDSU is one of the largest global suppliers of optical communication solutions and laser applications and employs a workforce of around 5,000 at 80 sites.

Due to its excellent performance and compact design, the use of FACs for laser diodes is the state of the art for technical systems in a wide range of applications. Our unique technical manufacturing process enables us to supply our products to customers quickly, in large quantities and with the highest quality.