Christian Zellweger ist neuer Chief Technology Officer und Head of R&D bei FISBA

Christian Zellweger | CTO & Head of R&D | FISBA AG
11. März 2019
In dieser Position ist er, gemeinsam mit seinem Team, verantwortlich für die Entscheidungen in den Bereichen Angebote, Produktentwicklung und technischer Projekte. Er strukturiert die von R&D geforderten Dienstleistungen mit den...

Jim Stathis wird Sales Manager bei FISBA

Jim Stathis | Sales Manager at FISBA LLC
14. Januar 2019
Jim Stathis ist seit Januar 2019 bei der FISBA Tochter in den USA, in Tucson, tätig. In seiner Position als Sales Manager leitet er den Vertrieb von Optical Micro Systems und unterstützt das Team in den Bereichen Compact Laser Modules,...

Michael Huber wird General Manager bei FISBA

Michael Huber | General Manager at FISBA LLC
8. Januar 2019
Huber ist seit 10 Jahren bei der FISBA AG in St. Gallen, Schweiz, im Headquarter tätig. In seiner neuen Position als General Manager der FISBA Tochter in den USA, ist er in Tucson für personelle, finanzielle und technische Führungsthemen...

Charlie Metzger Joins FISBA as Sales Manager

29. August 2018
As of July 16, 2018, Charlie Metzger has joined FISBA’s sales team in the US as Sales Manager. Metzger will manage US sales for FISBA’s Advanced Optical Components,...

Wallace Latimer Promoted to VP of US Sales and Marketing at FISBA in the U.S.

9. August 2018
FISBA LLC has promoted Wallace Latimer to its Vice President of US Sales and Marketing. Latimer will be responsible for FISBA LLC’s overall sales and marketing in the US, with his leadership aiming to shape the future of the company's...

Germanium Alternative Gaining Momentum for IR Optics

5. Juli 2018
When it comes to designing IR imaging systems, manufacturers have traditionally worked with crystalline materials such as germanium. To make compact, lightweight systems, fabricators are driven to use aspheric surfaces, which has meant...

Customized Optical Systems and Precision Molded Optics to be Exhibited by FISBA at Farnborough International Air Show

26. Juni 2018
For the first time, FISBA will be exhibiting at the Farnborough International Air Show (FIA) which takes place July 16-22 in Farnborough, United Kingdom. As a designer and manufacturer of optical components, assemblies and systems, FISBA...

Precision Optics, Including Diode Laser Collimators, Beam Shapers and Molded Optics, to be Exhibited by FISBA at Optatec

24. April 2018
At Optatec Booth G22, FISBA will be showcasing their expertise in high precision optics with a near comprehensive look into the company’s design and product offerings. FISBA’s...

Diode Laser Collimation & Beam Shaping Optics to be Exhibited by FISBA at AKL International Laser Technology Congress

17. April 2018
FISBA will exhibit expertise in diode laser collimation & beam shaping optics at AKL Booth 52, May 2-4, 2018 in Aachen, Germany.  FISBA designs and manufactures...

Micro Camera for Minimally Invasive Endoscopic Surgery and Diagnostics to be Exhibited by FISBA at BIOMEDevice

27. März 2018
FISBA will exhibit the FISBA FISCam™ and microlenses at BIOMEDevice 2018, New England's largest medtech event, April 18-19, 2018 in Boston, Massachusetts. The FISBA FISCam™ is a...

FISBA Attending SPIE DCS to Exhibit Precision Molded Aspheres, Diffractives, and Free Form Optics

Precision Molded Optics: Aspheres, Diffractives and Free Forms available in VIS through LWIR
20. März 2018
FISBA, a world leader in optical components and systems, will exhibit at SPIE DCS Booth 1223, April 17-19, 2018 in Orlando, Florida.  FISBA designs and manufactures custom micro optics for many...

Diode Laser Collimation & Beam Shaping Optics to be Exhibited by FISBA at LASER World of PHOTONICS CHINA

21. Februar 2018
FISBA, a world leader in optical components and systems, will exhibit at LASER World of PHOTONICS CHINA Booth 4122, March 14-16, 2018 in Shanghai, China.  FISBA designs and manufactures custom micro optics for laser diodes, which include...

FISBA zeigt auf der Photonics West 2018 Präzisionsoptik für Life Sciences, Fertigungstechnik und Sicherheit + Verteidigung

Optical Components for Diode Laser Collimation & Beam Shaping_Infrared Molded Optics_Precision Molded Glass
16. Januar 2018
FISBA, ein weltweit führender Anbieter optischer Komponenten und Systeme, ist vom 30. Januar bis 1. Februar 2018 auf der SPIE Photonics West an Stand 1825 vertreten. FISBA...

EU Ambassador Michael Matthiessen Visits FISBA

18. Dezember 2017
FISBA was honored to host EU Ambassador Michael Matthiessen, President of the government of the canton St. Gallen, Fredy Fässler and members of the St. Gallen government, Benedikt Würth and Bruno Dammann, for an informational visit and...

FISBA’s US Production Facility Announces AS9100D/ISO 9001 Certification

FISBA Molded Infrared Optics and Oxide Optics
28. November 2017
AS9100 is recognized internationally as the Quality Management System standard for companies supplying to Aviation, Space and Defense organizations. FISBA LLC’s AS9100D certification, which also includes ISO 9001:2015, covers the...

Minimally Invasive Endoscopic Camera to be Exhibited by FISBA at BIOMEDevice San Jose

fisba fiscam for endoscopy
21. November 2017
FISBA is an established leader in the design and manufacturing of optical components and systems for the medical industry, with over 60 years of experience. For minimally invasive surgery and point-of-care diagnostics, which demand...

Customized Solutions for Minimally Invasive Medical Endoscopic Devices to be Exhibited by FISBA at Compamed

FISBA Microlenses, FISBA RGBeam and FISBA FISCam
24. Oktober 2017
FISBA develops and manufactures optical components and optical micro systems with innovative illumination, laser beam shaping and imaging solutions for life science applications. They are designed with the customer, developed to serial...

Advanced Optical Technologies Publishes Paper Co-Authored by FISBA's Oliver Fähnle

Advanced Optical Technologies Oliver Fahnle Technical Paper
9. Oktober 2017
Advanced Optical Technologies recently published a paper co-authored by FISBA’s Senior Expert Optical Fabrication Technology,...

FISBA Exhibiting Precision Molded Optics for Imaging and Laser Systems at SPIE Security + Defence

Precision Molded Optics designed and manufactured by FISBA.
29. August 2017
FISBA will be exhibiting Precision Molded Glass Optics and assemblies at SPIE Security + Defence in Warsaw, Poland.   FISBA designs and manufactures customized optical components and systems for many related defense and security...

Precision Optics to be Exhibited by FISBA at CIOE

22. August 2017
FISBA, a worldwide leading supplier of customized optical components and systems, will be exhibiting FAC Lenses, SAC Lenses and the FISBA Beam Twister™ at the China International Optoelectronic Exposition (CIOE). FISBA offers a large...