Our Certifications

Quality requires consistent monitoring.

Our greatest aspiration is to keep the quality of our products consistently high. We achieve this through clearly defined processes – both internally, with our modern production processes and continuous staff training, and externally, with our ISO-9001 certification. 

Our customers can count on us. All the products they receive from FISBA will be of demonstrably high quality. It’s a commitment that we renew each and every day.


Our fundamental attitude to our work is key:


We place our customers at the heart of what we do

  • Their satisfaction is our goal.

  • We perform our work with thoroughness and skill, in fair partnership with them.


Our employees are vital to our growth

  • Our staff are the foundation of our service and the deliverers of success, so we place great value on education and training.

  • Our managers’ conduct is transparent, goal-oriented, and exemplary.

  • The team shares responsibility for the quality of its products.


Our thinking is process-oriented

  • We continuously evaluate and optimize our business and work processes.

  • We regard mistakes as opportunities for continuous improvement. 

  • For us, quality also means efficient and cost-optimized production.


We care about the environment 

  • All our staff are committed to using resources sparingly and preventing harm to people and the environment.

  • Our products and processes are designed to be as environmentally sustainable as possible.

  • We are prepared for disruptions and emergencies, and able to respond quickly.

  • We uphold our statutory obligations.

Our Products and Solutions

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