FISBA Capabilities

FISBA is a leading and independent supplier of FACs in large quantities. Contact us for all questions regarding custom design, prototype development and large scale production.

Every step in the production process is executed efficiently under one roof in Switzerland. The fastest way to get one of our high performance FACs is to pick one out of our standard product list using our FAC Selector.


Technical Data

  • Focal length: 150 – 1700 µm
  • Material: high index glass with n > 1.8
  • Wavelength: 430 – 1550 nm
  • Length: 2 – 20 mm

Your Benefits

  • Independent supplier
  • Customized coating design by FISBA
  • Large portfolio of standard FAC lenses
  • Fast ramp-up from prototype to serial production
  • Packaging according to customer request
  • We ensure FACs are never the limiting factor of your production scale-up

Get started with the FAC Selector.