FISBA Capabilities

The FISBA READYBeam™ is an extremely compact multi-color laser module including full electronic integration and active thermal management. Right now available are the versions READYBeam™bio  with 405/488/638 nm,  and  the version FISBA READYBeam™ind in V1, V2*” with 450/520/660 nm and 450/520/638nm*. The module comes single mode fiber coupled, the individual channels can be modulated independently and are calibrated up to 40 mW operating power ex fiber. As a true “turn key" solution and as an OEM product the READYBeam™ facilitates the integration into existing instrumentation as well as their technological development and evolution.


Application Examples

  • Flow Cytometry
  • High Content Screening & Sorting
  • Confocal Microscopy
  • Diagnostic Instrumentation
  • Projection and Display Technology


Technical Data

  • Dimensions: 77 mm x 40 mm x 37 mm
  • Wavelengths bio: 405 nm / 488 nm / 638 nm
  • Wavelengths ind: ind V1: 450 nm / 520 nm / 660 nm
  • Wavelengths ind: ind V2: 450 nm / 520 nm / 638 nm
  • Output power range: > 30 mW per wavelength
  • Fiber connector: FC/APC
  • Fiber type: SM or SM/PM


Your Benefits

  • Compact size with electronics included
  • Active TEC regulation
  • Active Power regulation
  • Individual control of each color
  • Digital, analoge and mixed modulation modes


FISBA READYBeam™ - a compact multi-color lasermodule