FISBA Capabilities

The FISBA READYBeam™ is the answer to customers increasing demand for compact, powerful and reliable multi-wavelength lasers sources which expands the features and functions of business and research significantly. It is the instrument designers choice to dramatically reduce the footprint, development time and integration risk. The unit is available in two primary configurations: READYBeam™bio and READYBeam™ind.


Technical Data

  • Dimensions: 77 mm x 40 mm x 37 mm
  • Wavelengths bio: 405 nm / 488 nm / 638 nm
  • Wavelengths ind: 450 nm / 520 nm / 660 nm
  • Output power range: > 30 mW per wavelength
  • Fiber connector: FC/APC
  • Fiber type: SM or SM/PM


Your Benefits

  • Compact footprint
  • Embedded cooling
  • Closed Loop Power Control
  • Reduced risk and timeline for integration
FISBA READYBeam™ - Compact multi-wavelength laser source, ready to use!