FISBA Capabilities

FISBA’s Laser Focusing Systems utilize optical and mechanical design and manufacturing of F-Theta lenses and inline scanning systems, zoom systems for high power lasers and laser beam shaping for diode lasers.

With state of the art polishing and coating methods, as well as integrated zoom curves, our Laser Focusing Systems are customized to meet your needs.


Technical Data

  • Integrated optomechanical system design with refractive and/or catadioptric design approaches
  • Designed according to your specific wavelength requirements ranging from VIS to SWIR
  • Manufacturing technologies optimized for high damage threshold
  • Focusing systems in combination with in-line thermal pyrometer function

Your Benefits

  • Recognized expertise in developing systems considering and integrating customers’ mechanical interfaces
  • Our understanding of your application challenges drives our optical design solutions
  • Successful OEM supplier approach