FISBA Capabilities

FISBA’s portfolio includes SAC lenses for both single-emitter diode lasers as well as SAC arrays for diode laser bars. 

Design, prototype manufacturing and large scale production all take place in Switzerland.


Technical Data

  • Feasible focal length: 4 – 15 mm
  • Feasible wavelength: 405 – 1550 nm
  • Length for single-emitter diode: 2 – 5 mm
  • Arrays for multi-emitter (laser bars): pitch 500 or 1000 µm

Your Benefits

  • Customized coating design by FISBA
  • Fast ramp-up from prototype to serial production
  • Ensuring SACs are never the limiting factor of your production scale-up
  • Packaging according to customer request
Slow Axis Collimator Lense Array