December 18, 2017
EU Ambassador Michael Matthiessen visits FISBA's offices and production facility during a visit to St. Gallen, Switzerland.

FISBA was honored to host EU Ambassador Michael Matthiessen, President of the government of the canton St. Gallen, Fredy Fässler and members of the St. Gallen government, Benedikt Würth and Bruno Dammann, for an informational visit and look into FISBA's expertise in optics. 


FISBA's Global Sales Director Li Simon gives an overiew of FISBA's extensive past in the optics industry and where we are today as a global company. 


Michael Matthiessen was impressed with the Swiss Apprenticeship program and that FISBA employs 29 apprentices in various positions throughout the company, noting that a similar system might be beneficial in the EU as well.


Heinz Brunner, Head of Operations, explains FISBA's capabilities in micro optics to Michael Matthiessen, Fredy Fässler and Benedikt Würth. 


Nico Schmidt, Optical Coatings Process Engineer, describes how FISBA's optical coating technology improves performance. 


Michael Huber, Head of Advanced Optical Components, shows a lens made using FISBA's precision glass molding technology. 


EU Ambassador Michael Matthiessen holds a FISBA FISCam™, a customizable micro camera for minimally invasive surgery.