December 21, 2016
FISBA emphasizes importance of its strategic US expansion with the appointment of its former CEO as US Managing Director.

Werner Kruesi joined FISBA’s Tucson location as Managing Director as of September 2016. Kruesi brings with him an abundance of experience and knowledge, providing insight from FISBA’s more than 60 years of success in the photonics industry. Kruesi served as CEO for over 20 years at FISBA AG in St. Gallen, Switzerland where the company is headquartered. In his new position as US Managing Director, Kruesi relocated to Tucson, Arizona, but remains a member of FISBA’s board of directors.

Kruesi’s company history and extensive knowledge of the optics industry make him a natural fit to lead development in the US. “FISBA possesses many core competencies in photonics and micro-optical technologies, as well as the related business processes.” said Kruesi. “With this background, we are confident that we will achieve a solid position in the sizeable, still growing US market.”


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