Target-based management

Our employees know their targets. My job is to warrant room for their adaptivity and decision-making. I give our employees responsibility and training, place trust in them and provide them with support.


Teams generate FISBA’s success

Within the decision-making process, I as a manager am part of the team but maintain my responsibilities as manager. I respect every team member as an individual contributing with his or her own strengths. I stand behind my employees. Constructive criticism frames mistakes as opportunities for learning.


Speaking and acting honestly

The team’s trust in its members is generated through respectful honesty. Employees are equipped with all the information required to perform at their best.


Promoting personal development

As manager I recognize the potential of each individual employee and facilitate the right education and further training for them. Continuous training is as important for my own development as it is for my team members.


Changes challenge us

The creativity of my employees ignites innovations and points to potential for change. Because such transitory processes are challenging, they let us advance personally and as a company. I focus my energy on finding solutions rather than on the problems.


Managing is demanding, but enjoyable

I enjoy my job and appreciate the responsibility of decision making. Delegating is necessary for me to be able to step back and see the big picture regarding my management obligations.


There is no single recipe for successful management

Successful management does not follow a single recipe. I allow myself to be guided by reason, just like I follow my intuition, and align my leadership style with the needs of my team and the various situations we deal with.