Optical Coating

Wir verfügen über State of the Art Beschichtungsanlagen, bedient von erfahrenen Operaters im Reinraum ISO 7.

Coatings enhance optical system performance.  Our coating portfolio, designed by in-house experts, includes coating types such as V-Coats, BBAR, short and long-pass filters, band-pass filters, cemented and non-cemented beam splitters and combiners, as well as dielectric and metal mirrors.  Our coatings are designed to meet your most demanding applications.

What we offer

  • Anti-reflection coatings of any kind: BBAR, Multiband-AR, V-Coat
  • Dielectric mirrors
  • Metallic mirrors
  • Bandpass filters
  • Edge filters: short pass and long pass filters
  • Dielectric beamsplitters cemented and uncemented
  • Metal beamsplitters cemented and uncemented
  • Black chrome coatings for stray light minimization on planar facet of concave lenses


  • All glass types
  • Select polymer/plastic
  • Silicon, germanium
  • Lightguides
  • Metals after consultation

Spectral range

  • Standard spectral range: 300 nm – 2500 nm

Size range

  • Size range: Ø 0.5 mm – 300 mm

Our services

  • Design, development and manufacture of high precision optical components and systems.
  • Development of custom thin film designs (build-to-print and build-to-spec)
  • System design of optical components with a functional focus on coating: "Coated Components"
  • Implementation and qualification of coating processes on internal coating equipment
  • Cleaning of substrates in automated cleaning lines with substrate specific cleaning programs
  • Coating of lenses, prisms and other optical components
  • Testing for surface imperfections according to ISO and MIL standards
  • Spectral testing according to specifications on test glass, preparation of customer documentation of test results
  • Testing of environmental resistance according to ISO and MIL standards, preparation of customer documentation of test results
  • Black coating for stray light minimization of prism systems

Our manufacture

We have State of the Art coating facilities, operated by experienced operators in the ISO 7 clean room. Our IAD vaporization plants permits maximum flexibility. The result is compact coating with high stability. The substrate is cleaned in automated ultrasonic systems.

We inspect all coatings using spectrophotometers and standardized environmental norms (MIL/ISO standards). We have the LIDT characterization carried out by an external, independent institute. This is how we guarantee quality and the specifications that have been agreed with the customer.


  • Spectrophotometer for reflectance & transmittance measurements
  • Perkin-Elmer Lambda 900 (measuring range 185 - 3300 nm)
  • Perkin-Elmer Lambda 950 (measuring range 185 - 3300 nm)
  • Essent Optics PhotonRT (measuring range 185 - 1700 nm)
  • Eta-Arc for reflectance measurement 6° on curved surfaces (measuring range 400 - 800 nm)
  • Environmental and climatic tests according to ISO and MIL (temperature and humidity)
  • Various climatic chambers
  • Tempering oven (temperature up to 700°C)
  • Laser induced damage threshold (LIDT)


  • Coating equipment, including testing and handling area is in an ISO 7 cleanroom (Class 10,000)


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