Excellence in Value Innovation Award

In 2015 FISBA received the Excellence in Value Innovation Award from JDSU in Milpitas (California), presented by Mr. Alan Lowe, Vice President of the CCOP Business Unit, who commented: "Due to their outstanding performance and small footprint, FACs provide a ‘state-of-the-art’ solution for laser diodes in technical systems and for a range of applications. FISBA is capable of supplying its customers quickly, with large volumes and at a consistently high quality.”

Back in 2015, JDSU was one of the largest suppliers of optical communication solutions and laser applications in the world, employing some 5000 people in 80 locations. Subsequently, JDSU was split into two companies: Viavi Solutions and Lumentum. 

Our award on that occasion was for our FAC lenses, which we supplied to JDSU at short notice, in high volume, and on time. Thanks to these lenses, JDSU was able to launch its new product successfully into the heavily contested telecommunications market and hold its own in the face of strong competition. 


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