• Plano Optics

    Complex components and assemblies

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We offer custom prisms, polygons, windows, mirrors and wedges from one source. FISBA not only has the complete production chain in-house, we can also develop entire systems build-to-spec or support you in your development. Whether through optical design, coating design, or plano optics production technology.

Technical Data

Edge length: 0.8 mm to 50 mm
Angular accuracy: depending on the angle up to 2‘‘
Surface form deviation: 3 / PV(0.05)
Polish grade according to ISO 10110-8: P4
Surface imperfection: according to ISO 10110 or
Coating: AR from 350 to 3000 nm
Mirrors (silver, aluminium, dielectric)
Bandpass filter
Dichroic filter

We perform the processes for the whole optics production chain in-house and offer our customers coating and polishing of individual components – Porro prisms, polygons, windows, mirrors, wedges.

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