• White Light Sources

    Serving high brightness needs across different applications

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Wherever white light is guided to an application via thin optical fibers, FISBA can provide several solutions. For high color rendering index and color temperature flexibility RGB LED Modules are the prefered solution. Phosphorus-pumped sources are advantageous for coupling into particularly thin fibers and direct coupling of white LEDs is the perfect low cost solution.

Technical Data

RGB LED Combiner
Fiber type d=1000 µm / NA 0.5
Typical luminous flux into fiber [lm] > 100
Possible dimensions mm (LxWxD) 45x50x25 mm
Advantages variable color coordinate
high color rendering index
Laser Pumped Phosphor
Fiber type d=200 to 1000 µm / NA 0.5
Typical luminous flux into fiber [lm] 160 @ 1000 µm
Possible dimensions mm (LxWxD) 50x50x50 mm
Advantages rather fixed color coordinate, some minor influence if blue LED light is added
higher luminance than white LED
High Power White Light LED
Fiber type d=1000 µm/NA 0.5
Typical luminous flux into fiber [lm] 120
Possible dimensions mm (LxWxD) 25x20x16 mm
Advantages based on single high power white LED
fiber coupled module
smallest footprint

FISBA also has the capability to integrate multiple wavelengths into the beam path if required. All concepts can be customized according to customer needs and specifications to meet technical requirements.

ISO13485:2016 certified with Swiss production site.

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