• Fast Axis Collimator Lenses (FACs) on bottom tabs

    Reproducible and precisely pre-positioned

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The FACs are positioned precisely on tabs in accordance with customer specifications. This makes handling easier and the FAC smile is therefore smaller and reproducible.

Your Benefits with FACs on bottom tabs

Easy handling on tabs
Controlled FAC smile / FAC smile on low, stable level
Precise positioning on tabs (± 2 μm)
Adjusted offset of the FAC to the tab, depending on the individually measured BFL of the lens (+/-5µm).
Constant glue gap in your application
Optional glue stop

FAC on bottom tabs offer additional benefits such as better thermal conductivity between the FAC and the mechanical mount. What you might find particularly interesting is our ability to position the lens precisely, independently of your individual BFL.

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Example applications

  • Diode Laser Systems
  • Fiber Laser Pumps
  • Disk Laser Pumps
  • Solid-state Laser Pumps
  • LiDAR Systems

What we enable

Laser diodes are robust laser sources and when integrated with FISBA’s optical components, high quality laser beam output can be ensured.


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Questions? Our specialists would be happy to help you.