• Laser Optics

    Based on advanced polishing & coating processes

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High-performing optical solutions: build-to-print, build-to-spec or build-to-idea. We offer tailored opto-mechanical design manufactured in-house with advanced technolgies, as well as high-performance optics fabrication and coating capabilities for LIDT.

Technical Data

Continuous adjustable magnification 0.75x – 4x
Beam stability
Large input beam diameter
Red pilot laser applicable
Low wavefront error
Fiber coupling
Active precision assembly
Low noise and power controlled system architecture

We offer customized solutions. From continuously adjustable magnifications from 0.75x - 4x, beam stability, low wavefront error, no ghosting, color combination to active precision assembly and low noise power controlled system architecture. Your challenge is our challenge. We look forward to tackling it together.

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