• Precision Molded Glass Optics

    For imaging systems and laser beam shaping

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From custom design and prototyping through to series production of double-sided aspheres, off-axis aspheres, and acylindrical lens arrays both in the visible and infrared range of the spectrum. We are the independent supplier of precision-molded glass optics.

Technical Data

VIS to NIR with oxide glasses
Irregularities down to < 160nm PV
Moldable glass types with refractive indexes from 1,5 und 1,9
Moldable glass types with abbe numbers from 21 bis > 80
Achievable precision suitable for imaging optics and laser beam shaping
SWIR to LWIR with chalcogenide glasses
Wavelength: 1,2 – 14 µm
Standard spec of 2 fringes irregularity at C.A. 25 mm
Diameter: 2,5 – 50 mm
Broadband AR and hard coatings

FISBA was one of the first optical manufacturers in Europe to use this production technology. We have recently invested in the latest generation of tactile measuring technology in order to meet the growing demand for precision-molded cylindrical lens arrays and free-form surfaces. And we are dedicated to continue improving it. After all, even at lower cost, customers expect the same quality, accuracy and speed of delivery. Above all though, we are committed to offering the best-quality glass aspheres and optics with complex geometries.

AS9100D / ISO 90001 certified and ITAR-compliant US production site and Swiss manufacturing site without ITAR restrictions.

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