Solutions for

Aerospace and Defense

Gruppe von Militärmitgliedern, die durch ein Messgerät sehen

Security is of vital importance in aerospace and defense. The technology used must be precise and reliable. With our optics and systems, we provide the security required in the various applications. Whether it's defense on land, water or in aerospace technology.

With FISBA, you have experienced experts by your side. Our solutions are highly accurate and have been developed specifically for the aerospace and defense sectors. This means that we guarantee uncompromising, trusted functionality, even under extreme environmental conditions.

Our optics enable:

  • Target Detection in the Visible and Infrared Spectral Range

  • Image Processing Systems for Poor Lighting Conditions, Mist and Fog

  • Optical Trackers

  • Thermal and Night Vision

  • Unmanned Flight and Transport Systems

  • Laser Range-finders and Laser Target Markers

  • Multispectral and Hyperspectral Imaging

  • Head-Up Displays (HUD)


You probably have questions. We would be happy to answer them.  

Use of the latest and trusted technologies:

  • Optics and System Design
  • High-precision Optical Manufacturing
  • Precision-molded Aspheric, Free-form and Diffractive Lenses for Infrared
  • Precision-molded Aspheric and Free-form Lenses in the VIsible Range
  • Optical Components

Questions? Our specialists would be happy to help you.