Our History

Since 1957, FISBA‘s dedicated team has worked hand in hand with customers to develop and produce optical components & systems according to customer specifications. Then and now, keeping our company mission of a “Spirit of Partnership” in mind.


FISBA is reinforcing its market presence in Asia with the opening of the sales office FISBA (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.


Market introduction of FISBA READYBeam™, a compact multi-wavelength laser source - ready to use!


Market introduction of FISBA FISCam™, a customizable high resolution micro camera with a diameter less than 2 mm and integrated illumination.


Name changes from FISBA OPTIK AG to FISBA AG.

Approximately 300 employees. 


FISBA OPTIK AG expands global brand to the U.S. with the formation of the FISBA LLC production facility in Tucson, Arizona.


Market introduction of FISBA RGBeam™, a miniaturized and customizable laser module.


Inauguration of new 4,400 m² production facility and start of production.


Development and start of serial production of the CMOS video endoscope for a key medical customer. FISBA OPTIK AG enters new fields of endoscopy including lens diameters of 0.7 mm and camera chips of less than 1 mm².


FISBA OPTIK AG adopts the precision glass molding technology, which is used to produce complex geometric shapes such as aspheres, free-form geometries and diffractives


Market introduction of Fast Axis Collimation Lenses (FACs) for collimation of high-power laser diodes, beam shaping systems, micro illumination and light focusing systems.


The “REMBRANDT” project with its OEM laser module for placing images on plates goes into serial production, the basis for another long-term and successful key account relationship.


FISBA OPTIK AG produces up to 100’000 optical components per month. The second metalizing system (Syrus Pro 1100) is installed.

Approximately 300 employees


FISBA OPTIK GmbH (now FISBA Photonics GmbH) is founded in Berlin.

Development and sales of in-house devices, such as the diode laser, resume. Investment in-house coating technology with APS 900 (with an ion-supported metalizing system).


FISBA OPTIK AG is awarded the Innovation Prize for Swiss Technology for the Diode laser at the Hanover Trade Fair.


Start of fabrication of micro-optics for endoscopy.


Waldemar Strietzel, Christian Fischbacher Sr. and Hennoch (Heni) Altherr form a company for optical precision instruments and name it Altherr-Strietzel AG. The office is located at Rorschacher Str. 109a, 9006 St. Gallen where calculations for optical systems and construction of first prototypes take place. A year after founding the company Christian Fischbacher Sr. acquires all shares of the company and name changes to FISBA OPTIK AG.

Approximately 30 employees