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Detailaufnahme eines Prototyping Kittroboters

With us, you get photonic solutions from experienced individuals. From the tender phase to design and prototyping through to production. We look forward to impressing you with precision and high-quality products.


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Project Development & Project Management

As early as the design phase, we can provide comprehensive advice and carefully assess feasibility. You can rely on professional support during the development stage too; we have a wealth of experience in handling built-to-print and built-to-spec requests, just as with projects. We assume full responsibility, including for evaluation of subcontractors. Optical and mechanical concepts are evaluated internally, improved, tested in the lab and professionally carried over into production.


In built-to-print projects, our optics, coating and mechanical designers support you in your process so that you can find feasible, commercial designs. For built-to-spec or built-to-expectation requests, our designers will start by providing you with estimations on feasibility. In the different stages of a development project, we will elaborate design solutions for you that take your requirements into account.

To do so, we use State of the Art Software such as CodeV, Zemax, LightTools and SolidWorks.

Process Development

We are characterized by technological expertise and highly developed production processes thanks to our process developers, who bring great experience and enthusiasm to their work. We use methods such as Six Sigma and Design of Experiments (DoE), amongst others.


We produce prototypes in-house. This is a big advantage for our customers because it means we are able to act quickly and flexibly, and react swiftly to feedback.


For us, continuous quality and inspection planning goes without saying. We qualify our products in the development phase and for series production. Tools and methods such as concept review, critical design review, a strict FAI process and 6S-based process and measurement technology development are used. We have implemented our quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001:2015. Our employees have been putting this into action every day since 1993 for the satisfaction of our customers.


We work according to the principle of “Operational Excellence”. To illustrate the meaning of “Excellence” a little more: We monitor process stability and reliability using shop floor management and Six Sigma, and verify the process through to production – over a surface area of over 6200 m², of which 444 m² is in a class ISO 7 clean room environment. These dimensions are ideally suited for series production.

Product Lifecycle Management

There's nothing like planning security, and our customers can rely on it. We have many years of experience in development and production, we ensure the availability of components and materials, and do so throughout the entire lifecycle.

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