Machinist apprenticeship

Swiss Federal Vocational Certificate (EBA) | Manual dexterity and interest in glass.

Aufnahme: Lehrberuf Mechanikpraktiker

Your field of activity

As a Machinist, you manufacture devices, machines and components. At FISBA, you work with glass, which we use to produce precision optics such as lenses, prisms or reticles. These are combined into optical components using production machinery. Accuracy and precision characterize these optical parts, so this means working in fractions of thousandths of a millimeter. 


Prerequisites for this apprenticeship:

  • Interest in technical issues
  • Manual dexterity
  • Precise and rigorous manner of working
  • Reliable with team spirit
  • Ability to work independently on basic tasks
  • Suitable for vocational school students or special stream (Kleinklasse) students


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Nicole Flepp
Nicole Flepp
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