• Imaging Optics

    For sophisticated lenses and systems

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We have extensive expertise in opto-mechanical design. This way, we deliver lenses and optical systems manufactured to customer specifications with impressive results of the highest quality.

Technical Data

Broadband assemblies: VIS – SWIR
F-number as low as 1.2
Athermal designs for outdoor applications
Compact and light weight designs
MTF measurements temperatures: -20°C bis +60°C

Building and optimizing manufacturing processes and technologies is in our DNA. The advantage for your project is the complete FISBA package for the entire production chain.

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Example applications

  • Microscopy
  • Industrial Image Processing
  • Aerospace & Defense
  • Medical Imaging

Security in your sights

We offer reliable and highly developed solutions – from inception through to series production. For the most challenging conditions in the aerospace and defense sectors.


Questions? Our specialists would be happy to help you.

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Questions? Our specialists would be happy to help you.