• Micro Imaging Systems

    In high-resolution and compact form.

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We produce imaging systems in compact form with high resolution. We fulfill the procedural and technical requirements to be able to meet the specific needs of a micro-camera system in the optimal way.

Technical Data

Example specifications for a FISBA micro-camera:
Diameter without illumination: 1,6 mm
Diameter with illumination: 1,95 mm
Length without illumination: ≤ 4 mm
Length with illumination: ≤ 6 mm
Field of view (diagonal): 120°
Working distance: 5 – 50 mm
Resolution: 400 x 400 px
F-number: 6
Wavelength: 400 – 700 nm
Illumination concept: Integrated LED lighting adjustable with separate control box

Our process begins with the idea, which we elaborate in an initial design study. We then develop prototypes for the desired production stage through to series production. What never ends is our customer service: Even once the product is successfully up and running, we are there for you at any time.

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