Precision Molding

Vom kundenspezifischen Design und Prototyping bis zur Serienfertigung von doppelseitigen Asphären, Off-Axis-Asphären und azylindrischen Linsenarrays im sichtbaren und infraroten Spektralbereich.

From custom design and prototyping through series production of double-sided aspheres, off-axis aspheres, and acylindrical lens arrays both in the visible and infrared spectral range. We offer the following precision-molded glass optics.

What we offer

  • Double-sided aspheres
  • Off-axis aspheres
  • Acylindrical lens arrays
  • VIS to NIR with oxide glasses
  • SWIR to LWIR with chalcogenide glasses
  • Custom design
  • Prototyping
  • Series production
  • Independent supplier of precision-molded glass optics

AS9100D / ISO 90001 certified and ITAR-compliant US production site and Swiss manufacturing site without ITAR restrictions.

FISBA manufactures components that would not be feasible with conventional processes, especially in the area of very small aspheric and non-circular cylindrical micro-optics.

In addition to the pressing machines in the clean room area, our production at the St.Gallen (Switzerland) and Tucson (Arizona, USA) sites is enhanced by different complementary technologies:

  • Tactile Aspherical Measurement Technology with UA3P
  • In-house Production of Pressing Tools with Ultra-precision Grinding and Diamond Drilling
  • Centering Grinding and Non-rotationally Symmetric Grinding of Outer Contours
  • Optical Coating Technology – Link
  • Cementing of Optics and Mounting of Entire Optical Systems
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