Measurement Technology

Aufnahme eines Panasonic UA3P Messgeräts

Measurement technology is indispensable in optics and photonics because it captures detailed quality information of manufactured components and systems. There are three important factors that are of significance to customers.

  • Measurement Technology Guarantees Quality
  • Measurement Technology Provides Security
  • Measurement Technology Makes New Products Possible

Whether for components, sub-systems or complete systems, from small batch through to high volumes – we offer our customers complete and specially adapted measurement and alignment concepts and testing equipment.


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FISBA uses its knowledge of optical systems to develop cutting-edge measurement techniques with unparalleled precision and accuracy.  We utilize the latest state-of-the-art metrology equipment to support our client’s projects and ensure optimal results.

Metrology Equipment

  • Panasonic UA3P Profilometer for profiles of aspheres and freeforms
  • Automated Zygo Verifire Fizeau Interferometer with QPSI function for surface deviations of spheres
  • FISBA/Trioptics µPhase Interferometer for surface deviations of spheres
  • Zygo NewView 8200 optical profilometer for contactless microroughness
  • Zeiss Micura coordinate measuring machine (CMM) for measuring of mechanical dimensions
  • Trioptics OptiSurf low-coherence interferometer for centerthickness
  • Trioptics OptiCentric centering scope for centration measurements
  • Kyoritsu Electric US-A100 centering scope for centration measurements
  • Trioptics ImageMasterHR for measuring the resolution and other optical properties of optical systems
  • EssentOptics PhotonRT spectrophotometer (spectral range 185-5200 nm) for spectral measurements of coatings
  • Perkim Elmer Lambda 900 and Lambda 950 spectrophotometer for spectral measurements of coatings
  • OEG OTS Micro focal length meter to measure EFL and BFL of small sized optics, especially cylindrical optics
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